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Slot features

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On the market there are hundreds even thousands of online slots and it has become very difficult to locate the right one specifically. Our team is proud to present a well structured filtered ability to be able to find exactly what you are looking for. The search queries are quick, snappy and accurate, and enables you to spend more time having fun and not wasting time trying to search for game you want to play!

5 reel

If you were ever to search FAQs for the most popular casino games or even through popular search engines such as Google then certainly the answer would be 5 reel slots.

Over time these 5 reel slots replaced the traditional classic 3 reel slots. This was due to a more diverse and entertaining casino experience and game platers wanted to be able to spin more combinations.

To describe 5-reel slots, they have 5 vertical rows of game symbols which spin and create super winning combinations. The number of combinations is the most stand out feature and by achieving this with game players, more possibilities to win big jackpots!

In comparison to classic slots which have only wild, scatter symbols and special symbols; free slot games with 5-reel enduring ability made it possible to create variations of wild symbols such as shifting wilds, stacked, mini-games and bonus rounds.

Furthermore, 5-reel games look so modern, fantastic graphic design and application such as video slots and 3D.

Whilst the classic 3-reel slot games are usually termed as fruit slots and the game symbols are fruits and lucky 7s 5-reel slots possess variety of different themes to ensure the games are far more entertaining.

So, let’s get down to the best part about 5-reel slots. As a player you can travel to the other side of the World such as Asia or even Ancient Egypt, walk around creepy scenery or even meet wild animals on your journey. Animation and Full motion Video available in the online arenas is absolutely fantastic quality. At first, they may appear a little complicated for a new player, however, with our tips, hints and free guides you will get up to speed in no time at all.

To enhance and ensure your comfortability with 5-reel slots, Slotsgamer has catered for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Please take your time, become use to the rules, follow a basic flow strategy, try out the free games, read our advice, and become a casino champion.

Overall 5-reel slots are by far the most popular gaming styles offered by casinos, so what are you waiting for? Come and Join us for fun and to win big!


To begin, imagine a long time ago there were no video slots at all with all the amazing features we now see nowadays.

Gambling fans, regular players and enthusiasts remember the history of Slot Mania, this started with 3-reel slot machines (called classic slots). The 3-reel slots first appeared in traditional casinos based on land, and after this evolved to computer-based screens to align with their competitors of which they were state of the art video.

What are 3 reels slots?

These were the first online casino games which became very popular amongst gamblers from all around the world. Traditional classic slots have 3 vertical rows, this limits the possibilities of winning combinations but does not limit the amount of money players can win.

To continue, these number of reels did not allow to make use of any advanced features, however, with 3-reel slot games is the originator of wild and scatter symbols and still are seen in modern style games today.

If you are a novice to the casino realm, 3-reel slots are the recommended option to play first as they are free, allowing you to practice and become comfortable before you take the next step to real money bets.

Video slots with multiple reels usually hold advanced features which may be hard to comprehend at first glance. Our advice would be to practice the free opportunities, read our tips and hints plus the game rules before entering into the deposit style games.

Many 3-reel classic slots are often still played even by the most experienced, the games remind gamblers of the greatest times of nostalgic adventures and amazing trips with the traditional land based casinos in Vegas, hence, the thrill is still alive.

At Slotsgamer, we have created our own list of 3-reel slots produced by both large casino software providers to small developing ones, you will be able to see this on our site via our menu system.

A majority of these games are presented in their demo format and giving you free reign to play, practice and become confident without any deposits, downloads or registrations.

For real play players, there is a Play Now option which will redirect you to the online casinos quicker so you are able to jump into betting and bringing back the lucrative jackpots.

Bonus Round Slots

Do you remember a time when you have received an unexpected surprise, a reward for something you have done?

Well, when play free online slot machines, bonuses are provided to you with free spins which you never know with just one spin you would win huge amounts! Now this is worth waiting for, even if you have to pay a small deposit of £10, what would you do if this returned 10 x or even 20 x your money? Wow.

A bonus game usually unlocks during game play after you have spun certain combinations of symbols through the reels. Side by side you should be able to match up the winning combos with the pay table to see if you have won.

Especially with 3D slots, these are the most intelligent entertaining bonus games as they are often animated and the most exciting with featuring full motion video, story lines flowing with the games theme and plot.

Moreover, there are some free casino slots with bonus rounds where the bonus game is far simpler. For instance, in order to collect your bonus payout you would have to choose one of several treasure chests, star or items on another screen to unravel the number of coins or credits behind it.

Overall its all about luck whether you play to obtain a play bonus round or not, some rounds require a particular skill element, whilst others can be selected at random. Playing bonus games often will give you as a player awards which are spins but also depends on the style of game you choose.

As a player on Slotsgamer website, you will find the best online slots with bonus rounds created by our team. As a company we always aim to add new games as they appear on the market through our providers we bring you the best entertaining experience. Please by all means browse through our catalogue, choose and play freely.

Free spin slots

Have you ever dreamed of waiting for the gold to arise when playing? Of course, playing online slots would have been a different experience, but the idea is still appealing and game developers are fully aware of this, this is why free spins feature has been introduced to the gambling industry.

How it works?

So, the question is really what are free spins all about? When online, you may have see the term “Bonus Spins”, “Free Games”, or “Free Bets”. Whichever the name is presented, as a general rule of thumb the free spins are triggered when you line up a certain number of required symbols such as scatters, or free spins icons on the reels. This is where as a player you can take advantage, you have nothing to lose!

Besides, the free online slot games with free spins quite regularly bring you various multipliers, which in turn can win you even more in an instant!


What are progressive slots? you may ask. Slotsgamer is here to advise you the correct way and the understanding will be simple and effective.

What are Progressive Slots?

Progressive slots are jackpots which use special video features where the total jackpot increases with every new game, unless there is a player that wins before you. Each bet placed by a player no matter how small or large increases the overall winnings.

As a rule, several slot games are linked together to make up one huge progressive jackpot that would become higher more quickly.

For betting options, you will find online slots with progressive ability, offering much more flexible odds, larger jackpots depending on where you play, but think about over 1million possible!

Another reason to check out progressive slots, isn’t it?

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