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Live casinos a place where you can play an array of games such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette with live dealers. A few years ago, this was something unimaginable. However, due to the rapid growth and development of gambling software live dealer casinos became a reality coalescing the best features of both land-based and internet casinos. Looking back, could you imagine back in 1994 when the first online casino was launched? That soon became a reality and one would be able to play for real money with real humans, from anywhere, any device such as desktop, mobile, tablet in the world! Furthermore, even more flexible are the amount of payment systems for deposits such as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, or even cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

In our Slotsgamer live casino guide we have collated all the relevant information you need to get started and gamble at top live casinos. The team at Slotsgamer also know how to provide the correct, clear and concise direction of legitimate casinos vs bogus casinos.

Whilst reading our supplied and useful guide, you will be also able to decipher all the pros and cons covering the different live casino websites out there. Slotsgamer regularly reviews different game types currently available at these casinos and is able to provide you with a list of the live dealer operators on the Internet which are using software from the top providers such as Playtech, Gamesys, Microgaming, IGT, and many more.

Contained in our reviews, you will soak up and learn far more about bonus offers, signup deals, deposit vs no deposit and the best tips and hints, and the betting strategies possible for each game in the casino. For example – When players are playing the games at the casino, to attract players live online casino establishments try to seduce you with some special sign up offers so that it is very important to understand what features you should look for to get most of these bonuses for not to be erroneous by their value.

Slotsgamer games presented are always protected by Gambling Aware, and you must be 18 and over to Play, please ensure you read all the rules contained on this website, and gamble responsibly.

Live Dealer Casinos for real Money

Contained in the very best live casinos online, gambling for real money the only option since there is no freebie demos with a human croupier. It is important from the very outset to make the right choice for online gambling.  Furthermore, it is difficult to tell the difference between a full rigged real money live casino and the appropriate safe and legit one.

Slotsgamer firmly believes it does take a fair amount of time to fully comprehend basic features, learning patterns and realising how to function every part of the game. We recommend that you should investigate a little first before opting for a particular online live casino.

Remember and do not forget when playing live casino for real money, your money is at stake. To win with the best chances and return on cash you need to be sure that no one is going to cheat you in any shape or form from your potential winnings.

How We Choose the Best Live Casinos?

Whenever choosing a live dealer casino Slotsgamer recommends you use the following helpful guidelines:

First guidance point is to check whether the online casinos you are seeking to play on holds an appropriate gambling license. The top live dealer casinos possess licenses and are issued by authoritative gambling jurisdictions such as Gibraltar, Malta, and the UK Gambling Commission.  However, if the casinos are based in Europe or outside of these locations different legislation applies but all will be safe to play at, just look for the sponsor symbols affiliated with the casinos.

Second guidance point is that the website should display the eCOGRA certificate to prove truly the Random Number Generator that is being used is safe. eCOGRA is a popular known and testing agency which strives to protect the rights of online gamblers all around the world.  

Third guidance point is to fully use all the opportunities that fruition for the best live casinos, then you should check the website and play with compatibility and platforms such as mobile, desktop, tablet, phone devices. Its relaxing to know no matter where you are you can play whenever and wherever playing live casinos

Our Fourth guidance point, is a well-known important element when navigating live casino sites is to try to look for honest reviews and feedback along with its game portfolio.

Our Fifth guidance point, is always go with trusted software companies such as Playtech, Microgaming, Netent, IGT, Gamesys that are trustworthy and these are the providers Slotsgamer whom only host spaces for, at the end of the day Slotsgamer only wants the best experience for online players.

Automatically it would be assumed by many that the best live casinos will always hire the crème de la crème of casino dealers, this is not always the case. If you ever suspect the croupier looks like this or you do not feel comfortable if it’s his or her first day at job, then you should raise your concerns immediately to the appropriate authorities at this casino.

The top casino venues do tend to have a very well formed and responsive customer support including live chat option. They are there to help, assist and ease your experience with top class service. They also offer many other support such as multilanguage, 24/7 support and instant questions answered or a pointer to a help location which display commonly asked FAQs.

Top casinos that Slotsgamer host offers from provide fast pay-outs, quick bonus redeems, free spins and even exclusive VIP and Trips around the World! Slotsgamer has teamed up with the best on the market, and if you would like to received the ultimate top offers, why not become part of our VIP listing?

Mobile Live Casinos

Well what can be more exciting than the ability from anywhere to gamble from mobile device and play live casino? Just for one minute imagine you can play all your favourite games including roulette, poker, baccarat and many more whenever and wherever you want enjoying the company of a luscious looking croupier.

A wide majority of online casinos promote mobile devices so there should be live casinos with an array of mobile games available. To gamble at a live casino, iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices can be used without no fuss. Just ensure your web connection is fast enough especially in some of the video interludes and interactive styles to be able to handle the high-quality games streaming straight to your mobile device.

Live Casino Games

Most live casino games all have their origin in set in stone in casino world. They are regarded as a full-fledged alternative for visiting a land-based casino in locations such as London, Las Vegas or even in Macau, since in those styles of casino you would you interact with a human croupier. The only key difference between them is that when playing online live casino games there will be no free snacks and drinks provided, but you can still enjoy your favourite games from your favourite place in the world. Live dealer casino games are perfect for social interaction, this is where you can comfortably chat with the croupier, other players, and ultimately staying anonymously.

The Play live casino games, there is no need to have a face-to-face contact with others. Gambling in live online casino games represents and means that you can see the croupier but he or she does not see you. That is why among other modes of playing in casino live games are the optimal choice for introverts rather than the extraverts in land-based casinos.

Live Casino Games Types

When choosing from the choices of games out there, many types of games that have recently found their way into the live dealer market of gambling, and Slotsgamer certainly offers the ultimate top-quality arenas available. Below we shall explain what rules, odds, tips, tricks, and specific features with full guidance in comparison to other online counterparts.

Live Roulette

Distinct as its regular online version casino roulette, is able to provide a realistic touch to the game through real-time play, interactions with players, dealers and chat community.

Roulette live casino operators follow to the exact rules, adhere to regulations and are through audited and are awarded the best casino as in well recommended and popular casinos in your own location.

When playing in an online casino, live roulette is played in various ways that differ in their wheel layout resulting in a variety of odds. There is only one zero pocket in European Roulette, whereas in American version of this game there are two zeroes. Most noteworthy, your odds to win are much higher in European Roulette due to the chance that your ball hits zero is twice lower (1/37) than in American Roulette (2/38).

Unfortunately, only in some roulette casinos free play is not always free play, so if you want to practice how to play in this game, allow yourself to experience a demo version on our site here, give yourself a try then head to play at the real money casino.

Live Blackjack

On the first premise the difference between playing live dealer casino blackjack in comparison to its online version is the minimal bets, and these will usually be higher. Furthermore, live blackjack online operators can show you real guarantees and there is no cheating. For instance, best live blackjack casino operators advertise through TV and displayed in the background in order to prove the games on the show is broadcasting live without smoke and mirrors.

When playing blackjack, ensure you have a fast speedy and reliable internet connection, read the blackjack Terms & Conditions. To add, if there is any disconnection during live casino blackjack interrupted therefore, the player automatically has to stand.

Apart from this, the electronic version of this game however differs from its online compardre with the winning odds. Although your overall chances of winning during live blackjack online casino, sometimes 50:50, these are some carefully thought out rules.  The sheer fact the croupier wins even if both the player and the croupier exceed 21, the tip the edge in favour casino. The electronic version of this game offers a far better end of the bargain and favourable towards the players rather than casino venues.

Live Baccarat

So, what makes live casino baccarat so special? It allows you to gamble at a table with many other players.

Live baccarat online casino cards are dealt by a croupier. Whilst playing the game players can talk with the dealer and even between each other through a chat room.

The rules for live baccarat casinos are exactly the same as in any other playing zone. Two hands, namely the “banker” hand and the “player” hand, are dealt. At the beginning of the game the player should place a bet on either of these two hands or on a tie. The very hand whose value is bigger wins. The value of a hand is counted by adding together the values of every card in it.

Normally a very common attribute of participating in baccarat live casino is the social aspects and that is important for players. Many live dealer baccarat casinos offer Skype and other online chat facilities.

Online baccarat real money winnings can be big if you avoid the ‘Tie’ bet whose house edge is as big as 14.36%. Whist the house edge of the banker bet is 1.06% and that of the player bet – 1.24%.

Live Poker

Wow, live poker, what else can we say, well, read below.

The largest difference in live poker casinos is the increase in the amount of time for completing a hand.

The second largest is live casino poker croupier(s) are shuffling and dealing cards instead of the random number generator, which helps against any fraud or cheating.

The rules are no different in playing modes. However, any other variation of poker requires many hours of effort, practice and patience to calculate your odds.

Live Casino Hold’em

Live Casino Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular poker variants online. You start by playing and placing an initial bet. You are dealt two cards and three community cards lying face up. To continue play, you need to double the stake of your bet.

If you call the bet, you will be dealt a two more community cards at the table. Shortly after, your hand will be compared with that of the dealer. You will lose all your bets if the croupier results in a better hand.

In this game there is no place for bluffing, complexities or sophisticated rules. Your live casino hold’em strategy should drive which hands are worth folding and which are worth playing.

Live Money Wheel

Live Money Wheels attracts seasoned players and new players, all thanks to its easy learnable and comfortable platform and the simplest rules.

A human being employed as a croupier spins a reasonably sized vertically mounted wheel with different coloured sections possessing 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40 numbers on them. Players can try to guess the number they think the wheel will stop on by betting on it. If the player turns out to be lucky and fortunate to guess, they win an award which is multiplied correspondingly (e.g. 1 to 1, 2 to 1, 5 to 1 and so on).

Bonus spin multipliers live casino money wheel which can substantially increase the amount of chances and have an enormous return on investment with your pay-outs.

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