Live Casino FAQs

What is meant by live casino?

By Playing online in a live casino means that there is a human which runs the game. This all happens in real time via a live video feed supported by a camera, which is focused on the croupier. This is so that you can easily track all of his or her movements to check if any cheating was to occur. The player can place bets via a console on his/her computer, laptop, mobile, tablet device. There is also a chat facility with the croupier so interactive live gaming is possible.

What’s the difference between live and everyday online casinos?

Throughout Online Casinos, casino sites random number generators are used so that the outcomes of the game are completely unique compared with other live casino websites it’s a human being that’s present. In theory the results in both cases should be the same but only in the longer run.

Is live casino safe to play?

The Online Operator should be fully licensed by authorities and regulated by The Gambling Commissions. The software that is being presented to players for reading cards are thoroughly tested by independent agencies. If you have any other concerns whilst playing in the rooms there is a Pit Boss whom you can seek assistance with any disputes. All the movements of the croupier are transparent during the streaming with great thanks to Camera Monitoring Technology.

Do I have to download any casino app?

This solely depends on your particular device and the playing mode options that the gaming operator supports. Normally Live Casinos are available via a browser on a desktop platform, however, if you prefer mobile devices more often than not you will have to download an app, this is at your own discretion.

Can I play live casino with a demo?

The direct answer is No, you cannot play it in demo mode. Live croupier games including roulette are factually a virtual replica of brick-and-mortar casino. Imagine something like a demo mode in a land-based casino? Demo modes are designed for games in the slots arena.

What live casino games can I play?

The three biggest and most popular live croupier games are roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Besides these, players can locate operators that offer live croupier Texas Hold’em and other forms of poker, Sic Bo and Craps.

What is the best time to play at live casino?

A small minority of people may tell you that there is a special magic time for playing in a live casino. This simply is not true. The fact that during in the evening there are more people playing in land-based gambling venues can be explained by mere convenience and coincidence.

Can I chat with live dealers?

The answer is Yes, players are welcome and encouraged to communicate with the dealer through an IM chat or vocally. However, the dealer cannot see you visually whist you can see him or her. One important thing to bare in mind when playing at live casino websites, female dealers’ dress-code is far more relaxed than in land- based casino establishments to distract the players` attention.

How many tables can I play at a time?

Unlike in traditional brick-and-mortar gambling casino in comparison playing in online live croupier casino you are given the opportunities to diverse across multiple games. However, remember that you have only limited time for betting and you can lose your seat so easily.

What if my stream connection was lost?

In live gambling arenas games cannot be paused due to some technicalities. This is why disconnection policies are a very key and an important section to be aware of, make sure you read the policy. These faults do not happen regular so very rare if it does take place, you will not be affected other than not seeing the outcome of your current bet directly in real time.

How much time do I have to make a bet at live casino?

Longer times between player’s deals is a very common complained about topic when it comes to live dealer games. Initially it might look useful, however, after a while it becomes very irritating. Typically, players are given 30 seconds to lay their bets quickly.

What are low limits tables?

Table limit is the minimum and the maximum bet that players can make. When the table limit is high it means that only small bets are permitted. Lower table limits are meant more for recreational players whose cashflow accounts are small. In many live casinos where game flow is much slower, human factors can be found and a high limits tables is therefore popular.

What are high limits tables?

When the table limit is high, it means that large bets are permitted to be placed. If you are a serious gaming player and wish to make substantial bets then live croupier websites is a place for you to play, inert table limits are high and are unlike anything else you have seen before in regular online casinos.

What if live dealer cheated?

Live dealer websites – There is no reason to panic when you notice that the dealer has cheated. First of all, appreciation to the Casino regulations and Provider full and professional support is available. This is where you can manage your disputes by communicating with the Pit Boss or manager; this is without having to wait for a couple of hours for your case to be resolved. The best and most pleasant aspect is that they can easily decide to even give you a free chip to apologise for any mistakes they have made. So, customer service is key during these styles of games.

Is live casino fixed in any way?

As you may or may not have seen over the last few years, gamers have so many open opportunities not only from the land-based casinos but also from anywhere in the world on any device. Live Casinos are not fixed, they do not always win, and it is up to you as players to read the full rules of the game, accept your budget and gamble with responsibility. Casinos offer safe ways to pay, protecting you from any potential clear text transactions, they fully secure your payment and take your personal information serious, they adhere to GDPR regulations, so as a player you should feel very comfortable.

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