X Men Slots Game Review 2021: All You Need to Know

X-Men Slot Game Review 2021

X Men has been popular since its release in the 1960s but now it has been brought to life with the release of the X-Men slot machine. Designed by Playtech, it takes inspiration from the movies and that means that fans of the film and the franchise will love this slot game. This X-Men slot machine online game review 2021 is going to help you understand the game and what it offers.

X Men Slot How to Play

All of the X-Men slot machine online game best sites will entice you into playing the game but understanding how to play it will help.

It has 5 reels and 3 rows with 25 selectable pay lines while there is one special feature that makes an appearance on the X Men slot machine. So, if you want to learn how to play X Men slot then it’s time to read on.

The main controls can be found in two rows that are located below the playing area. On the top row, there is a coin value widget, a spins widget that enables autoplay, a display that shows the number of active pay lines, a display for the total line bet, a display for the total bet and a win display.

Using the spin button, you’ll be able to begin playing for the X Men slot machine jackpot. Using the coin value widget, you can set the value of the credit using 25 values.

X-Men Slot Games – Slotsgamer

Amazing Prizes

As you’d expect with anything associated with X Men, there are plenty of X-Men slot game machine amazing prizes to explore. Using the Wild Symbol, you’ll be able to replace all other symbols except for the Scatter symbol. This will pay prizes for combinations of 2,3,4 or 5 of a kind. The prizes are then based per line and are:

  • 50 times bet
  • 500 times bet
  • 3,000 times bet
  • 10,000 times bet

If you get three scatter symbols on the screen, you will unlock the Heroes Unlimited Free Games bonus round. The scatter will pay 1-time total bet when 2 appear, 5 times when 3 appear, 25 times when 4 appear and 200 times total bet for 5 of a kind.

You can also discover Professor Xavier and Magento symbols and these offer 4 times bet per line for 2 of a kind, 30 times bet per line for 3 of a kind, 300 times bet per line for 4 of a kind and 1500 times bet per line for 5 of a kind. In the X-Men slot machine, there are many other amazing prizes to be won with the Wolverine and Deathstrike symbols offering 15 times bet per line for three of the same, 100 times bet per line for four of a kind and 400 times bet per line for 5 of a kind.

Finally, there is a special prize when you land 5 hero symbols in the pattern of an X. This gives you a prize of 5 times your total bet along with any other prizes you have won during that spin. With top X Men slot machine amazing prizes to be won, there are plenty of X Men slot machine rewards to enjoy.

X-Men Slot Machine Bonus Spins

When you get three or more scatter symbols, you’ll unlock the Heroes Unlimited Free Spins bonus game. This gives you unlimited spins and during this bonus round, Professor Xavier becomes a second wild symbol. Magento also becomes a wild symbol when it appears on reel 3 which then changes the game to villain mode, where you are given 8 spins. So, the X Men slots bonus spins could help you to land some top prizes, making this an exciting element to the slot game.

X Men Slots Best Sites

If you’re looking for the best X Men slots best sites then keep an eye open for the best welcome offers and promotions. This will enable you to get more from your experience and win bigger prizes too!

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