Ted Slot Machine Review and Game Play Bonuses

How to Play Ted Slot Machine Games?

If you have watched the movies Ted then you’re going to love the opportunity to play TED game slots online. This slot game is made by Blueprint Gaming and is designed to give players the opportunity to explore the naughty ways of this loveable teddy but right here with the Ted slot machine online.

Our TED game slots review is designed to give you an insight into what this game is about and the reasons why you need to play it! There is no surprise here that the game has an adult theme which is fine as all players need to be over the age of 18 but still, it has got that wicked theme running through it and that means you can really get to grips with the game easily.

Ted Slot game machine has a lot to boast and that means that players can have a lot of fun trying it out. Of course, they can always opt to try out Ted slot machine free play first although once they do play Ted online they are going to love everything it offers.

The game boasts a huge array of bonus features and big prizes too, while the RTP of 95.8% offers a great return to player and that’s a big factor in choosing to play this game.

Ted Slot Machine

Playing the Game

Playing this game couldn’t be easier because it is one of the simplest games to play. All players need to do is set their bet, hit the spin button and then wait for the big prizes to roll in.

Benefits of Ted Game Slots

One of the main benefits of playing the TED casino game is the way in which the game offers impressive payouts. It is a 20-payline slot that has a wide range of symbols on its reels. So you will find the likes of letters, beer bottles and bongs, all of which tie in with the theme of the film. All of these can offer as much as 300 counts per win while there are symbols that contain the name of the movie and this can increase your chances of winning up to 500 coins per spin.

Furthermore, you will also be able to play with the wild symbol. This can act as a substitute for other symbols and could provide a win of up to 500 coins.

Ted Slot Machine Features

One of the features that really stand out is the simplicity of the game. While many games can become rather complex, this one keeps things fun, exciting and simple which is great if you want to get straight down to playing for prizes.

You can also check out a huge range of bonuses that are massively impressive and add an extra level of excitement to the game. It really does offer something unique and that’s why so many people love playing the game. It has to paylines and 5 reels where users can wager as little as 0.20 credits per spin and up to 300 credits per spin which significantly increases the potential to win big.

What’s also a neat feature is the way in which the game has low volatility which means you are highly likely to win smaller prizes. This keeps you interested because that bigger win gets closer and closer. Where possible, adding extra credits can help but this is a game that does offer something more than others.

It’s also a fun game to play and that makes it highly enjoyable because those symbols and paylines are perfect for ensuring every player makes the most of everything that this slot has to offer!

TED Slot Machine Bonuses

If you want to take advantage of the Ted gambling experience then you can be sure that the features on offer have something for everyone. The scatter bonus symbol adds an element of interest to the game and with three of them; you could really hit the jackpot. With this, you will be given the Thunder Buddies Bonus which could be considered the Ted slot machine best bonus.

This will require you to move up the ladder where you’ll find different bonuses and as you climb higher, you’ll get better bonuses. This can include:

  • Wheel of fortune
  • Bar Crawl Bonus
  • Super Mart Free Spins
  • Ted Free Spins
  • Ted Big Money Bonus.

However, Thunder Buddies isn’t the only bonus as there is more. There are six more games that can be unleashed, adding to the excitement of Ted slot machine sites. This includes:

  • Laser Gun Infectious Wilds
  • Psychedelic Super Spin
  • Beer Shuffle
  • Psychedelic Colossal Spin
  • TV Streak
  • Psychedelic Bonus Boost

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