Goddess of Life Slot Machine Online – Review and Benefits

How to Play Goddess of Life Slots?

Made by Playtech Slots, the Goddess of Life slots is one of the most widely recognised slots currently available online. The game is based around mesmerising visuals and an aesthetic design that really does set it apart. As the name suggests, when you play the goddess of Life Slots Online, you will discover a game that is based around a Goddess and that’s where the fun begins!

This 5-reel slot offers an impressive 20 paylines and a wide range of features that are designed to enhance the game and experience. When it comes to betting, you can begin spinning the wheels with a wager as small as 0.2 and you can move this up to 5 if you are feeling adventurous. Furthermore, when you Play Goddess of Life casino online, you know that you also have the chance to win some pretty impressive prizes at the same time!

Benefits of Goddess of Life Slots Online

When you play Goddess of Life Game Slots, you’ll soon notice that all of the symbols are based on the elements of Earth, Fire Water and Air. These symbols pay the big money and with a winning combination, you’ll find that the reels leap into life. With a combination of 3 of a kind, you will find that you can earn up to as much as 25x your line bet. However, if you land five of a kind then that is going to increase to 750x your wager!

If you land the fire element then this will pay for just two matching symbols although land five fire elements and that ramp up to 2000x regal cash jackpot.

Should you land anything from the 10 through to an ace, you can win smaller prizes. This means if you land three 10s, Js, Qs, Ks or Aces, then you will get 5-15x although land 5 aces and this will increase to 175 x your wager.

Goddess of Life Slots Features

Three Logo Scatters Triggers Free Spins

If you land this feature when you play Goddess of Life Game Slots then you will need to select one of the four life elements that will reveal your free spins. This can range from 7 to 20. The beautiful Goddess will appear to act as a substitute for standard symbols and will work her magic to multiply your winnings by 3. Should you land a further three more scatter symbols then the bonus will be retriggered, which means you’ll have an additional 7 spins! If luck is on your side, then this bonus game can prove quite lucrative!

There is another feature known as the Crystal Cave Bonus and this becomes available when three bonus symbols land simultaneously on the second, third and fourth reel. When this takes place, you’re taken to a new screen which is the cave and here you will begin collecting crystals that could be worth money. This is a bonus that is certainly worth embracing should it come your way!

Goddess of Life Slots Game Play

Goddess of Life Slots Review

There is no denying that our Goddess of Life Slots review unearthed exactly what this game is all about. It’s a game that is well designed and is made to deliver a gaming experience that sets itself apart. The sounds and design are amazing while it also boasts a range of bonus games and features that offer good prizes and free spins. This game has a lot of potential and with lady luck on your side, you could get lucky.

As expected, this game is made by well-known developers which means that it is certainly going to hit the money in terms of everything that it offers. The RTP of around 95.5% is definitely worth a look and this all means that the Goddess of Life is going to deliver a slot experience that is up there with the best.

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